Betsy Berken-Zaslav

Director of Marketing

Betsy Berken-Zaslav joined the Critical Alert family as Director of Marketing in July 2018. She previously worked at Connexall as the US Marketing Manager for several years. It was there that she met and worked for John Elms. Betsy is delighted to be working with John once again and the incredible team at Critical Alert.

Healthcare has been an integral part of Betsy’s life from the very beginning as her father was an oncologist and her mother was a social worker at a community hospital. A significant portion of her career in marketing has been with companies operating in the healthcare sector. Working with such companies, which ultimately help patients, is important to Betsy.

Betsy is also a yoga instructor. She received her certification in 2011 and has been teaching semi-private classes ever since.

When she’s not working or teaching yoga, you will find Betsy spending time with her husband, Scott, and their two boys, Alec (19 and a freshman at University of Maryland) and Jacob (17 and a junior in high school).  They all love to travel, and their most recent adventure was in Iceland. They are often visiting family and friends in New York, which is where Betsy and Scott both grew up and attended college at State University of New York at Binghamton. She graduated with a bachelor’s in Literature/Rhetoric. They also often travel across the country and Canada for Scott’s Ironman races.

Betsy loves to cook and especially enjoys making up her own recipes. Regularly working out is also a big part of Betsy’s life – she believes it is integral for good health and overall well-being.