Employee Spotlight

Roberto Vieira

Systems Integration Specialist

Roberto Vieira began working in healthcare, specifically middleware, 13 years ago after receiving his associate’s degree in IT Network Management.  He began his career in tech support and then became a project manager.

From there, Roberto moved into the role of sales support.  Roberto is passionate about making new technology less threatening for everyone.  By communicating in non-technical language with customers, he is able to accomplish that quite successfully.

Roberto grew up in the Azores, a Portuguese group of islands in the Atlantic located between North America and Europe.  He relocated to Colorado in 2015 for work and truly enjoyed living amongst the mountains.  In 2019, Roberto joined the Critical Alert family and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.   He’s so happy to be near the beach again as he missed it since leaving the Azores.

When he’s not working, Roberto likes to spend time with his friends, ride his motorcycle and go to the beach. Each year, he tries to travel to another country to experience different cultures.  His last trip was to Japan.