Employee Spotlight

Sai Kolluri, PhD

Product Manager

Sai Kolluri began his career as a software engineer for a subsidiary of Hoecht pharmaceutical company developing blood chemistry analyzers. He then had different roles in bringing to market a number of medical devices and has over 25 patents.

Sai was a product manager at GE of an $80M portfolio of disposable medical products and in 2011 moved to their newly acquired Dukane nurse call business. As director of product management, Sai worked on the Telligence nurse call system. In 2012, he transitioned to Ascom after their acquisition of GE’s nurse call business.

In 2018, Sai joined Critical Alert systems as director of product management for the CommonPath nurse call and patient communication platform. Sai enjoys product management as it encompasses innovation, marketing, strategy and business.

Sai has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University and an MBA in Management from the University of Miami. He lives in Jacksonville with his wife Alina and their two small dogs. Sai and Alina have a daughter in Gainesville, FL and a son, who was recently married, in Tampa.

In his spare time, Sai enjoys playing tennis, running and supporting Dr. K. V. Rao Scientific Society in India established in his father’s memory.