Nurse Call Reporting vs Analytics Engine

Hospitals need a good solid Nurse Call Light system. It’s a tool, used for a purpose. It’s as essential as the Brush Hog and the hardware should be dependable. In other words, it should run like a Deere.

My Adult Children Never Call … They Only Text

Some nurse call manufacturers opt to turn every button press by a patient into a phone call. “It speeds response” is their claim. “Bunk!” I say.

Critical Alert Launches Expanded Product and Market Strategy

Aiming to Address All Elements of Patient-to-Caregiver Communication with Its Patient Event Bus Read about our strategic pivot towards interoperability and true connectivity in patient communications. Read The Press Release

Why I Sold Sphere3… and What’s Next

Read the latest blog from Kourtney Govro. Interesting insight into the mind of an entrepreneur analytics and the future of patient communications. Read More

Critical Alert – Offering Native RTLS

Critical Alert announced today that it has updated its proprietary RTLS offering including badges, receivers, and software. The native integration is fully embedded in the CommonPath Enterprise platform and requires no additional third-party applications. Read More