Offering scalable architecture with centralized web-based system management to deliver affordable growth as customer needs change


Our core application is called CommonPath Enterprise, a multi-tenant, enterprise nurse call and health care communications platform. CommonPath Enterprise conforms to industry best practices of distributed, multi-tenant architecture and features full extensibility and scalability while also meeting the stringent demands of UL-1069 standards.

Developed on the Windows® platform with .NET framework and an off the shelf enterprise bus backbone, health systems can be assured that their nurse call system is designed to be user friendly, adaptable, reliable, scalable, rapidly deployed and serviced over time.

Software as a Service

On-prem or cloud-based

High Availability

Minimize planned and unplanned downtime – 99.95% reliability


One place for system administration and storage of your data.

High Availability

CommonPath Enterprise brings both high-availability and auto-fail over to nurse call, alarm management & event monitoring and caregiver communications, reducing downtime, streamlining serviceability and ensuring the safety of patients and caregivers.

Accommodating facility service level expectations for:

  • Reliability – 99.95% uptime with fault tolerance
  • Auto-Recovery – auto-fail over in both dedicated or virtual environments
  • Minimized Downtime – for updates/upgrades, planned/unplanned
  • Scalability – expand across entire enterprise
  • Flexibility – easily adapt to changes in workflow, integrations or architecture

Multi-Tenancy SaaS Architecture

Our multi-tenant architecture enables sharing of IT resources across your enterprise/IDN. You can load balance between larger and smaller facilities and, when it’s time to upgrade, you do it once on a single instance of software for all deployed locations.

Multi-tenancy dramatically lowers overhead and maintenance costs in terms of time needed for upgrade, server hardware and scalability.

Clinical leadership can centrally manage and measure workflow and assignments across the enterprise to drive consistent care protocols, centralize call answering and enable more robust data for their continuous improvement processes.