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Mobility Made Simple

Smartphone Notifications & Mobile Workflow

Contextual Notification

Actionable intelligence to nurse call notifications including demographics, room#, fall risk, alert/alarm type, etc.

Flexibility & Scalability

Cost-effective, software-based architecture enables hospitals to grow as technology and requirements evolve

Vendor Neutral

Strategic relationships with leading healthcare device manufacturers and application developers

Native Integration

Two-way workflow acknowledgement without the need for third party middleware

Native Integrations

CC&C Platforms

Smartphone Manufacturers

Why are smartphones used in the clinical environment?

  • Communication– how caregivers “talk” to one another
  • Documentation– how caregivers document the patient’s medical experience (EMR), patient experience (rounding tools) and validate medication etc.
  • Notification– how caregivers receive patient alarms and alerts


Notifications with Context – Native integrations with ADT and mobile technology combined with triage adds actionable intelligence to NC notifications (patient name/room #/request type/etc.).

Critical Alert’s Platform Provides Intelligent Mobile Communication:

  • View Multiple Requests By Type
  • Additional Patient Request Detail
  • Notification, Rejection and Escalation
  • Initiate Workflow
  • Open Audio into Patient’s Room

Notification of


Contextual Details

Patient Need


(ADT,Fall Risk,etc.)

Mobile Workflow Station

With our mobile workflow station, caregivers are able to review requests, send messages, complete workflow tasks, track rounding progress, create ad-hoc tasks and more on any device convenient to their location.  The Mobile Workflow Station will automatically update the Critical Alert platform to reflect the latest status.

The Mobile Workflow Station significantly streamlines the day-to-day clinical workflow of caregivers and other staff ultimately improving the quality of patient care and staff satisfaction.