Nurse Call Command Center

Comprehensive workflow management is the most effective way to maximize efficiency, boost staff morale and retention and reduce costs. Our Patient Request Palette manages all events/requests and communications surrounding the patient. It provides an economical way to make the clinical command center attainable.


The state of healthcare today has created complex communications challenges for clinicians and hospital staff. With the number of patients rising and the number of clinical support staff dropping, many caregivers are overwhelmed by clinical interruptions, which can increase the likelihood of medical errors and alarm fatigue.

To mitigate these risks, many progressive healthcare facilities have created clinical command centers to centralize management of patient alerts/alarms and clinical surveillance. These virtualized clinical command centers enable hospitals to operate at maximum efficiency without the need to expand staff, increase the number of work hours, and/or sacrifice the quality of care.

Imagine a central control center much like NASA or the airline industry where real-time patient information from all relevant software and medical devices provides a comprehensive picture of patients more so than what can be ascertained from a single solution or device.

Clinical Workflow Manager – Flexible, Customizable & Easy-To-Use

Our Patient Request Palette, a component of our clinical workflow manager, is completely customizable and supports patient’s clinical needs as well as any other patient-related notifications and actions emanating from the patient room which we refer to this as our Patient Event Bus.

The Patient Event Bus consumes data from anything that rings, dings, or buzzes and indicates a patient’s condition or need, enabling true real-time care team collaboration.

  • Triage of Alerts/Alarms – Triage based on acuity and condition, ENTERPRISE WIDE.
  • Flexibility – Can be whole hospital, certain departments or shift.
  • Consistent Response – Centralized response to enhance customer service and drive standard of care (patient calls, RRTs, code blue)
  • Centralized Analytics – Reporting (example: resource shifting at increased workload times, spot trends Vs analytic islands)

Burnout amongst care team members and its impact on patient safety is listed as #3 on ECRI’s Top 10 Patient Concerns for 2019.

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