Clinical Workflow Designer

Customizable Workflow to Meet the Needs of Your Patient Population

We believe that flexibility is the key to designing efficient clinical workflow. Every unit in a hospital has its own unique patient needs, staff levels/roles, responsiveness goals, safety, and deployed technologies. Critical Alert’s best-in-class, rules-based workflow builder combines staff assignment and alert/alarm notification with an extensive list of on-board, native integrations with EHR, CC&C platforms, beds, RTLS, monitors and more. The result is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for designing and deploying clinical workflow, configured specifically for each department across your enterprise.

  • Concierge (don’t send every bell or ding to the caregiver) – Triage patient requests and alarms based on need, staff role and availability
  • Suspend Alarms –  Set rules for pausing alarm workflow to allow a period of time for the alarm state to self-correct
  • Rules-Based Algorithm – send only actionable alarms and alerts preventing unnecessary interruptions and notification fatigue
  • Staff Assignment – Role-based staff assignment designed around patient need, staff capacity and responsiveness/safety goals
  • Device Assignment – Embed deployed technologies into workflow, assigning steps and conditions based on RTLS presence, staff role and more
  • Contextualized Notifications – Integrations with EHR/ADT delivers patient details such as name, room number, bed and precautions (fall risk, etc.)
  • Accept/Reject Workflow & Escalation –  If a caregiver is already working with a patient, he/she can reject the workflow notification – A rejected workflow assignment will escalate to the next appropriate care team member for fulfillment. Should an RN be unable to use their device (e.g. he/she is engaged in a procedure), Critical Alert will automatically escalate the request after a customized configured timeframe
  • Initiate Workflow From Mobile – Caregivers can create new requests and reminders directly from the console such as medication and rounding reminders
  • Detailed Analytics – Every object in the database is reportable, enabling detailed reporting on alarms, alerts, notification delivery, staff presence/location, patient details, compliance and more

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