Native Integrations

CAS creates real value for our clients through strategic relationships with leading device, communications, healthcare consulting and installation partners.

The Right Data To the Right Caregiver

The integration of ADT, monitoring alarms and data from medical devices and mobile communications is vital to enhance care coordination.  There are multitudes of systems in hospitals that collect data.  The key is to utilize solutions that interpret and communicate the appropriate data to enhance patient care and satisfaction as well as staff efficiency.

Every Button Press Should Not Become a Phone Call

The CommonPath Enterprise platform natively integrates to mobile devices such as Spectralink, Voalte, Vocera, Mobile Heartbeat, PatientSafe Solutions, etc.  This capability eliminates the need for expensive third-party middleware between nurse call and mobile devices resulting in more efficient and effective communication.  And, with CommonPath Enterprise, you won’t contend with every button press becoming a phone call.

SIP is Not an Alarm StandardSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a phone protocol. It cannot intelligently route alarms or alerts.  Automating alarms is not a linear process with “call stops”.  Nurse call is a portion of the data, not the space owner.