Enterprise Analytics

A flexible data warehouse that removes the barriers vendors place on data. As more systems are developed for improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies, it’s increasingly critical for these systems to communicate with each other. With CommonPath Analytics, you can normalize nurse call, real-time locating systems (RTLS), cardiac monitors, and other alarm or alert platform data into a useable format to create customized analytics. Leverage realtime tools to gain insights into caregiver workload, response time, and safety alarms.

Comprehensive Analytics

Critical Alert’s Enterprise Analytics platform consolidates multi-site data which allows for comparative reporting across multiple units, hospitals and systems.  Our team supports you in creating meaningful benchmarks for your organization to measure effectiveness of your IDNs goals. Clinical and IT leadership can easily manage and analyze individual group performance, standardize workflow, monitor and measure continuous improvement processes and observe system-performance.

Nurse Call Vendor Neutral – Our enterprise analytics platform does not need to be a single solution focus. If you have a competitors’ nurse call platform at one site (or all your sites) we can combine, normalize and create useable information. We are committed to providing you with a vendor neutral experience for data analyzation. We do not require you to be a one vendor IDN or even hospital to have powerful analytics.