Real-Time Visibility of Bed Settings & Alarms

  • Risk Status Visibility: Viewable via any web-enabled device (consoles, TV monitors, mobile)
  • Bed Parameter Visibility: Status of nine bed parameters on any web-enabled device
  • Customizable View: Filter down from enterprise to facility to unit or area – auto-refresh of settings within view

Enterprise Bed Board for Remote Monitoring of iBed Awareness

The Critical Alert Bed Board displays the Stryker bed serial number, the Unit where the bed is located, both current and previous locations, any alerts, the status of the iBed® Awareness, as well as the status of the locator battery for the beds. Additionally, the user will be able to see which monitored elements of the bed are in an Alert state as well as the configuration state for the bed.

Bed Board Console

Nursing staff can see individual iBed Awareness status details across the unit from any web-enabled PC or nursing terminal. This enables the nursing staff to review details related to bed compliance and settings prior to rounding, allowing more time for RN’s to interact with patients when in the room.

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