Patient Satisfaction


Many hospitals are measuring their patient experience using HCAHPS scores. However, retrospective review of HCAHPS results after discharge is too late – you can’t improve that patient’s experience if the person is no longer a patient in your hospital.

Our Approach

The most effective way to influence the patient’s perception of care is by utilizing real-time patient experience data. Critical Alert’s CommonPath Analytics platform leverages both qualitative and quantitative data to identify the patients satisfaction level with their care. This balanced approach provides users with a true understanding of the patient’s connection with their care team. Often patients are hesitant to share true experience, but by reviewing both their activity from technologies in the room and their past feedback, leadership can rapidly connect and dissect patient perception. This level of understanding empowers your care team to improve patient care and satisfaction which positively impacts HCAHPS scores.

Patient Experience

Increasing Patient Engagement positively impacts patient satisfaction and improves outcomes. One aspect of patient engagement is for patients to become a partner in their care while in the hospital. Hospitals can support these efforts by leveraging technology platforms, such as CommonPath Analytics, to facilitate patient education and continuous communication. As part of the admission and room orientation process care staff can engage with patients on the technology in their room, the technology being used by care team members, and the processes of the hospital. It must be a priority of the hospital to engage with patients and create a partnership.

Patients need to be empowered to be involved in their care by understanding medication timing, safety processes such as requesting help before exiting their bed, and being informed about hourly rounding practices. This process of patient engagement in their inpatient care will reduce call light volume. Additionally, teaching patients to use the self-triage buttons on the call light system will direct call lights to the appropriate caregiver.

Patient & Family Connection

Patient and family connection is an integral part of providing the best quality care.  A patient’s family knows them better than anyone else and can offer important insights to caregivers.  In order to create a successful partnership with patients, their families and caregivers, it is imperative to recognize that everyone’s role is important and communication is key.  Working together will result in the best possible outcome for the patient.