Clinical Advisory Services

When introducing a new technology ecosystem or enhancing your current communications platform, it is essential to engage your clinical team in the decision-making process.

Clinical Liaison Program

With Critical Alert’s Clinical Liaison Program, our clinical advisory team will partner with your clinical team to ensure their voices are heard.  We will work together with all hospital stake holders to review the current state, observe units, and provide feedback based on industry best practices.  As each department/unit is unique, we’ll configure customized workflows to ensure an effective transition emphasizing patient safety, satisfaction and staff efficiency.

All departmental goals, requirements and disciplines are thoroughly considered to address the needs of the hospital and deliver a comprehensive and enduring plan. We are with you every step of the way from beginning to end and forever after, with our team of Account Managers, Technical Support and the Customer Engagement Program.

Clinical Education

Our Clinical team will work with your leadership team to align requirements and create a clinical education plan that is multi-faceted to provide an integrated understanding of new workflows.  This comprehensive education plan must take into consideration the different levels of experience and understanding.  We offer in person classroom setting, computer-based education support, and on-going partnership. We believe that partnering in education is key to driving change.

Clinical User Acceptance

In order to confirm clinical expectations, our team will work with hospital staff to validate workflow configurations.  Involving your clinical team every step of the way before implementation will result in a smooth and successful transition.

Getting your clinical team’s buy-in before implementation is key to success

Clinical Outcomes Measurement

After giving your teams time to work with the new implementations and acclimate to the process, our Clinical Team will do a Post-Deployment assessment.   Together, we will discuss the overall system utilization in relation to clinical effectiveness, workflow efficiency, and best practices.  Any identified gaps will be incorporated into a remediation plan.

Clinical Communication Optimization Services

Patient Experience & Workflow Optimization  

Patient Experience

The only way to change a patient’s opinion of care is by utilizing real-time patient experience data. This data can be used to identify patients that are unhappy. Critical Alert’s analytics platform, Aperum, provides qualitative and quantitative data which gives a true overview of what’s going on with a patient and how they are feeling. We provide a Patient Experience specialist to work with your team to enhance and improve leadership and hourly rounding processes.

This level of understanding empowers your care team to improve patient care and satisfaction which positively impacts HCAHPS scores.

Workflow Optimization

With the abundance of data available in hospitals today can be enlightening, engaging, and empowering.  However, when there is an abundance of anything, it is crucial to streamline how that information is processed and applied.

Every Client is a Customized Partnership

It begins with historical performance, fueled by identifying performance improvement opportunities, and concludes with an action plan utilizing research-based best practices. Once the new process is adopted, we progress to the measurement stage where we analyze the impact from a quantitative perspective, while bench-marking against patient and staff feedback.  Working directly with our customers on a month-to-month basis in a very personal and collaborative way has resulted in significant improvements in patient care and created a more positive environment for care teams.

Kourtney Govro
VP & Managing Director of the Sphere3® Clinical Advisory Division

“We had hoped to have a partnership that would really help us achieve our goals.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  They have been there with us at every juncture in this journey. Having a consultant with whom we have a true partnering relationship has been critical to our success.”

VP of Patient Experience
Hannibal Regional Healthcare System