Customizable workflows, the ability to choose between unit-based, hospital or enterprise-wide triage of alert/alarm management & native integrations with smart phone applications provides unparalleled flexibility

Choice of Operational Modes

CommonPath Enterprise’s multi-tenant architecture, VoIP capabilities, patient calls, and alarms can be triaged by a centralized operator based on predefined user rules. Unlike any other platform on the market, CommonPath’s ability to centralize can be unit based, hospital wide, or even IDN wide. This ability enables hospitals to save money on staffing and management of call triage. The platform offers flexibility to decentralize and allow caregivers to directly receive and triage the alarms using their Smart phone.

Acuity-Based Response

In either model, messages are directed to the most appropriate responder based on acuity condition, need, and policy. RNs will be notified of critical care related requests, while non-clinical requests are forwarded for fulfillment by CNAs, housekeeping, facilities etc.  This customizable workflow prevents unnecessary disruptions in your RNs’ routines, reduces stress and the potential for medical errors.