UL-1069 Nurse Call Hardware

Our hardware is designed with the end-user in mind.  They are simple to use, easy to service and reliable.  We keep our costs down by putting nurse call intelligence in your data center rather than in our hardware. Critical Alert hardware is intentionally engineered not to be “smart” to prevent every nurse call upgrade from becoming a construction project.

Nurse call is not about the dome light, patient station or pillow speaker (despite their necessity). Rather, nurse call is about creating a seamless workflow for your clinicians, enabling mobility and providing informative analytics on clinical effectiveness and patient experience. Our focus is to provide the most lightweight, flexible, and affordable UL 1069 option available on the market.

Nurse Call Hardware

CommonPath Nurse Call is a modular hardware/software solution for healthcare communications, alerts and automation.

FDA listed, combining nurse call and environmental controls (TV, blinds and lighting) in a sturdy, easy-to-use form factor. Sealed design aids infection-control.

UL listed nurse call terminal and centralized caregiver interface, featuring touch controls, two-way audio (phone), multiple mounting options and available in different sizes.

Corridor dome lights, located above patients door provide visual indication of alerts/codes. Zone dome lights, placed at entrances to zones assist staff in way-finding alarming room locations in more expansive architectural layouts.

Two-way full duplex digital voice communication and call signaling for staff and patient areas. Attach external devices: pillow speakers, code/emergency/bath switches, bed/chair/interlock alarms, dome lights, RTLS receivers, environmental controls.

Used to annunciate a emergency and code blue calls from critical areas such as ICU, CCU, or any other location. Stand-alone switches can work with or without a connected patient station.

Providing input of remote monitoring devices such as: infusion pumps (IV), ventilators, heart monitors, chair pressure pads, etc. Should the connected device trigger an alert, notification can be sent to nurse terminal or mobile caregiver via smartphone.

Head End Equipment

Typically residing in a communications closet within a floor or unit, rack mounted Central Call Terminals, VOIP Bridges, power supplies and power distribution panels feature modular design, minimal BTU and smaller form factors.

Behavior Health Hardware

Consisting of 7 separate products, our Behavioral Health hardware offers the CommonPath UL-1069 compliant nurse call system in a tamper/vandal proof form factor appropriate for behavioral health units in the Acute Care, correctional and other healthcare settings.

High Reliability & Lower TCO

Critical Alert’s Nurse Call hardware devices are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for patients and staff alike. Our thin-client approach to hardware engineering and manufacturing yield highly dependable and easily serviceable (hot-swappable) devices that enable our hospital & healthcare clients to achieve long-term reliability & supportability while sustaining a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Nurse Call Hardware is Dumb! And, You’re Probably Paying Too Much!

by John Elms, CEO of Critical Alert

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