No Matter the Setting, Patients Still Need a Way to Communicate with Their Caregivers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are expanding their surge capacity by housing patients in settings as varied as conference rooms, commons areas and even convention centers. However, care teams are challenged to provide reliable patient-to-caregiver communications in these temporary environments.

To help hospitals during this high-volume crisis, Critical Alert has developed a Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) powered by our CommonPath Canopy software to provide reliable patient-to-caregiver communications in any setting.


Enterprise Class Software

Driving the system is Critical Alert’s CommonPath Canopy software, integrating multiple nurse call and caregiver communication systems into a single, cohesive platform.


Wireless Nurse Call Hardware

For wireless Tone/Visual infrastructure, Critical Alert has partnered with TekTone to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy nurse call hardware.

Designed to be utilized in any environment, this portable, software-based, wireless patient call system can be easily implemented, with minimal system maintenance, bringing reliable, connected care to any setting.

Reliable Wireless Patient Communications in Any Setting

  • Integrates with Your Existing Nurse Call System – CommonPath Canopy can be configured to work independent of or integrated with your current nurse call application
  • Deploys Quickly & Expands Easily – An entire system can be set-up and running in a matter of hours
  • No Construction Needed – Plug-&-play hardware, repeaters use standard AC outlet(s)
  • Reusable – Box up and re-use anytime
  • Independent Wireless Network – 900 MHz proprietary network does not burden existing WiFi network(s)
  • Multi-Unit Display – Access and view each temporary unit or location separately or centralized on nurse console displays
  • Integration – Use with existing wireless devices such as smartphones and pagers
  • Pre-Programmed Wireless Pendants – Pendants are programmed into the system before arrival

Nurse Call Terminals

Wireless patient calls can be displayed on any computer on the hospital’s network with access to the system. As many as 3,000 devices (combination of wireless pendants and other wireless transmitters) can be split into an unlimited number of units and displayed on any computer or unit-based or centralized nurse terminals with access to the network.

Mobile Alert Notifications

The client can use virtually any mobile device to receive a notification from the wireless nurse call system and mobilize the alert. Integrated CC&C and mobile platforms include: Spectralink, Cisco, Vocera, Zebra, BYOD smart phones applications and pagers.

Workflow Configuration & Matching

CommonPath Canopy’s powerful workflow configurator allows hospitals to match the RDK’s workflow to each unit’s current clinical workflow easing adoption by clinical staff and enabling seamless operational control.

Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) – Included Hardware

While each Rapid Deployment Kit is customized based on need, the basic components are:

  • Appliance Server – controls communication between pendants and CommonPath Canopy
  • Receiver – Collects signals from the transmitters, repeater/locators in the surge location(s) and transfers that information to the Appliance Server
  • Repeater/Locators – Strategically placed throughout a surge location, repeaters and locators collect and re-transmit signals from wireless pendants and other transmitters, while providing general location information. Repeaters/locaters may also be mounted outdoors to optionally connect pods as one system.
  • Wireless Pendants— Reusable, wireless, one-button pendant worn by a patient on the wrist or around the neck – Pendants are waterproof and conform to the IP67 standard
  • Optional Patient Stations w/Call Cords – Hospitals can also integrate a more traditional patient station with a call cord if the setting allows for it
  • Serial to IP Converter – Enables connection of the system to the network

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