Leadership Rounding

By simplifying overly complex workflow, leveraging data, mobile tools and streamlining clinical communications, Critical Alert empowers caregivers to better serve their patients at the bedside, where they belong.

Why Am I A Nurse?

Nurses are passionate about helping people in need and strive to make a positive difference in their lives.  Being in the hospital is stressful for patients and their families; nurses provide the necessary support to alleviate many of these stresses.  Oftentimes, it is the nurse who communicates explanations of conditions and treatments to patients and their families.  Effective nurses possess a balance of compassion and empathy.  This is vital to truly connect with patients and their families.

Time at the Bedside

Studies have shown that when nurses spend more time at the bedside, patients are less likely to fall or get infections and both patient and caregiver satisfaction increases significantly.   Unfortunately, in many hospitals, nurses end up spending more time on other patient-related tasks, taking them away from what they’re meant to be doing– caring for their patients.

Bedside Reports

When there is a shift change on any hospital unit, the daytime nurse and nighttime nurse exchange important information about their patients.  Traditionally, this dialogue takes place at the nurse’s station, leaving patients with no direct care during that period of time.  When patients are left alone with a lack of fast response, research has shown that sentinel events can occur.

Bedside Reports take place at the patient’s bedside rather than at the nurse’s station.  Implementing this practice improves patient safety and trust while enhancing nursing collaboration and ensuring accountability.  It also engages patients to be an active participant in their care and provides them with a better understanding of their condition and treatment plan.

This can be easily monitored with the Critical Alert Analytics platform, Aperum.  Visibility and understanding of time it takes to perform the task and impact on ability to interact with the call light during that time can be seen in real time within the Aperum platform.

Hospitals that have incorporated Bedside Report have achieved higher HCAHPS scores as well as a reduction in medication errors and sentinel events.