Employee Spotlight

Charlie Bell, Jr.

Network Administrator

Charlie Bell Jr. has been involved with nurse call since he was a teenager.  His first summer job was sweeping the warehouse floor of Wescom. In the summers that followed, Charlie worked in the warehouse building parts for nurse call systems.

At 17, Charlie began working for a subcontractor installing Medlink 3000 systems. From there, he took on a full-time position in the service/installation department at Wescom.

During that time, Charlie became interested in learning the Linux OS.  He spent time with the software developers to learn whatever he could and it’s at that point he decided he wanted to pursue network administration as a career.

For the past 20 years, Charlie has been Critical Alert’s Network Administrator.  He is passionate about working with computers and learning the ins and outs of different applications.

When he’s not working, Charlie enjoys watching documentaries about anything and everything with his very large F2 Chaussie cat named Montaro. He also loves to spend time with his daughter, Ash-lee.