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Breathing New Life

Nurse call hardware shouldn’t be so expensive and your software should be really robust and have basic IT requirements like redundancy.

When is a software upgrade not a software upgrade?

First and foremost, a software upgrade is not as advertised when it becomes a construction project. When your software upgrade requires new patient stations, dome lights, pull switches, and/or nurse masters, it is anything but a software upgrade.

Being Mobile

I find it fascinating how non-mobile our hospital environments are today.  They are tethered to computers and wall-mounted screens, even in the patient room.

And Then There Was Jill – Video Blog

One healthcare technologist’s journey into real-life patient care. An awakening to the impact of true leader rounding.

Moves, Adds and Changes should have died with the break-up of AT&T in 1982

Removing the complexity and risks of self-service and the resulting costs related to black-box or locked-down software applications.

Nurse Call Reporting vs Analytics Engine

Hospitals need a good solid Nurse Call Light system. It’s a tool, used for a purpose. It’s as essential as the Brush Hog and the hardware should be dependable. In other words, it should run like a Deere.

My Adult Children Never Call … They Only Text

Some nurse call manufacturers opt to turn every button press by a patient into a phone call. “It speeds response” is their claim. “Bunk!” I say.

Why I Sold Sphere3… and What’s Next

Read the latest blog from Kourtney Govro. Interesting insight into the mind of an entrepreneur analytics and the future of patient communications. Read More

Virtual Real Estate in Hospitals

Expanding our intellectual understanding of the healthcare market direction and identifying which vendors are in and out of step with its direction.

And Then There Was Jill…

Even the best hospital, with the best technology, the most effective clinical workflow and the most well-resourced care team can be intimidating when someone you love is hurting.

Patrick Mahomes & Healthcare Leadership

What is clear about Patrick Mahomes (other than the fact that he is incredibly young) is that he is fun to watch, seizes opportunity, does not hesitate, and the announcers say he does not live by the “normal” quarterback rules.

Is all that data useful?

Our primary goal is to serve and empower our hospital partners with information and tools to make great decisions.

Smart Phones In Hospitals

We have had the pleasure of supporting several clients through their clinical communications journey – improving patient experience and caregiver satisfaction.

Case Study: Pillow Speaker Triage

Hospitals purchase pillow speakers every day and often will pay more to gain better functionality such as self-triage (water, pain, toilet). However, many hospitals only experience use rates near 12% for those added features.

Are you really collaborating?

In this blog, I focus more the people side of things – how do we get technology to be effective.

Smart “Phones” in Clinical Environment

I had the pleasure of being part of a Beckers Hospital Review panel discussion with Spectralink and AnMed Health. The presentation captured not only best practices related to implementation of smart devices but also how to leverage and manage the data associated with that change in clinical care.

Women & STEMM: Karen Clemens Introduces REGO

Women in STEMM – Our focus in this series is to shine a spotlight on women who are doing incredible work at great companies in the healthcare IT community.

Journey of a Woman in STEMM

All women who have STEMM careers have stories and experiences worth sharing.  This is one of mine, with a few tips for the young women seeking or pursuing STEMM careers.